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Suwannee Bicycle Association is located at 12 Bridge Street, White Springs, Florida. We have a headquarters (HQ) building with a large interacting area, kitchen, bathroom, and showers (with hot water!). Most of our off-road riding areas are within riding distance from HQ. There is also awesome road riding from this area. Maps are available at HQ for both types of riding. Most of our events are either hosted from headquarters or the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park.

The founders and most members of the Suwannee Bicycle Association were not local a gathering place was (and is) needed. When SBA started, the organization was able to rent the brick building next door to the historic store, to serve as home-base. Members fashioned the building into a hostel/club house with large front room with couches and tables, small central office, kitchen/storage to the rear, and outdoor showers behind the building. Instead of bunkrooms, everyone camped on the surrounding grounds.

This building was acquired by the organization in the Year 2000 through generous donations from members and friends (see plaque on wall in building) and proceeds of SBA events. Also that year camping beside and behind SBA HQ was no longer permitted by request of city officials. They plan to turn the area surrounding HQ into a pedestrian mall within the next few of years, so camping on the grounds was (and is) no longer appropriate.

SBA Headquarters continues to serve as a welcome center for visitors interested in bicycling or paddling in the region and is well stocked with maps and information about the entire Suwannee region. The building also continues to serve as gathering place for members and guests, as a staging venue for smaller events, open houses and trips, and as a storage facility for event equipment.

SBA Open House Weekends
Everyone is welcome to join us at our open house weekends. This is a very casual weekend designed for members to socialize and for non-members to become more familiar with SBA Headquarters. Off-road rides generally leave from SBA HQ between 9 am and 10 am on Saturday and Sunday. Riders usually discuss where the rides take place. Road Rides are sometimes organized for the weekend, but maps are available at headquarters if you wish to ride on your own.

Routine maintenance work and utility bills for headquarters are paid for by membership fees and event earnings. Special projects typically require monetary donations or donations of materials and labor. If you are interested in becoming a donor or would like to assist on a special building project, please contact us!

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